Welcome to this week’s edition of WWE/wrestling rumors we hope are true and those we hope aren’t. It’s the second edition of the year, and we’re in the build to the Royal Rumble. Let’s get started with this week’s rumors.

5. Hope is true: Seth Rollins and another WWE star squash real-life beef

Seth Rollins has been absent from WWE since the final part of 2020, taking paternity leave. It’s well deserved for someone who has been at it non-stop since his return from injury in 2016.

There were rumors that Seth Rollins had real-life heat with WWE star Riddle. It stemmed from his appearance on WWE Watch Along, where he stated before the Draft that he had ‘no interest’ in working with Riddle and stated that he could have gone to RAW instead. That’s exactly what happened and both men ended up swapping brands.

According to Fightful, several people backstage at WWE Survivor Series stated that the two had squashed their beef and discussed their issues:

Fightful spoke to several people who were backstage at the Survivor Series 2020 PPV, and the feeling was that both the WWE Superstars seemed to have buried the hatchet and squashed their beef. While Seth Rollins didn’t look at Matt Riddle during the Survivor Series match, it was indicated to Fightful that both men approached each other backstage to discuss their issues. The report stated that the problems were ‘rectified,’ and they would be open to working with each other.

We hope this is true because the door would be open for them to work together in the future. It also helps Riddle, who has seemingly had beef with the likes of Goldberg and Brock Lesnar.

While the Goldberg beef was public and caught on camera, the interaction with Brock Lesnar reportedly saw the latter tell Riddle that they wouldn’t work together at any point in the future

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