Peyton Royce strike the Queen Charlotte before the match began and we headed for a break. Back on RAW, the bell was rung and Charlotte got the advantage before they both rolled out of the ring.

The Queen Charlotte slammed Peyton Royce into the announce desk before Royce ducked a chop and The Queen hit the ring post. In the ring,Peyton Royce locked in a quick submission move but Flair got out of it.

Charlotte flair strike with a big neck breaker and was about to end the match when the nature boy Ric Flair made his entrance with Lacey Evans, who was wearing his robe. Royce used the distraction to wipe out Charlotte with a kick before we headed for another break on RAW.

Back on RAW, Charlotte strike with a big boot on Peyton Royce on the penicore before she attacked Peyton Royce’s injured knee and locked in the Figure Eight.Peyton Royce quickly moved out and Charlotte flair refused to let go for a good few seconds to punish Royce.

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