Fans of Selena Gomez assert it was a straight hit to Justin bieber.

the pop scandal Selena Gomez recently flatter the talk of the town after her recent release of her first Spanish-language track De Una Vez

While her fans was fallen in love with the new track, some of them could not help out but were aware that the inspiration behind the singles was her relationship with her former ex boyfriend Justin bieber

The lyrics says: “Ya no duele Como antes no/Laherida de tu armor sank means it does not hurt. like before,the wound of your love healed.


De Una Vez por toda/soya MA’s fuerte means Once and for all/I am stronger alone

Fans who acknowledge the song waste no much time in turning up with theories about how it was a straight hit at her previous relationship.

The pop star Justin bieber after he translated DE UNA VEZ wrote a fan as they added a GIF of a man weeping after putting his phone down.

I belief Selena Gomez singing in Spanish was a way to draw attention because Selena was no longer to have Justin bieber. She still wrote the song about Justin bieber.

The song about getting over a difficult relationship features Gomez wearing a midi-length floral dress

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